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    I play piano and I am currently on Grade 8. About two years ago I used to play Ragtime but now I only play classical music because it is much better and there is more classical music out there than Ragtime. Don’t forget to leave me comment, subscribe, add me as a friend and leave a message! This channel is videos of myself playing mostly classical music. I love to play the piano and I will never stop! If there is a piece you would lke me to upload please let me know! PIECES PLANNED FOR UPLOAD: Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in E flat Major Beethoven Sonata No.25 in G, Op.79 1st and 2nd Mov. Mozart Sonata K.280 3rd Mov. So please have a look around my music videos and blogs and subcribe to my YouTube channel “ClassicalMusicPiano”!
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Adele – Someone Like You (Piano Cover)

I just started this song today and wanted to see how it would sound like with just a few hours of practice. I usually play just classical piano music but I thought to myself, “Why not try something different”? Not bad, but it can be better. Might upload another video when I have time! A beautiful song this is and it’s just made for the piano. The beautiful arpeggiated semi quavers make this piece sound even more beautiful than it already is. Please comment and rate and I hope to add more videos soon!