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    I play piano and I am currently on Grade 8. About two years ago I used to play Ragtime but now I only play classical music because it is much better and there is more classical music out there than Ragtime. Don’t forget to leave me comment, subscribe, add me as a friend and leave a message! This channel is videos of myself playing mostly classical music. I love to play the piano and I will never stop! If there is a piece you would lke me to upload please let me know! PIECES PLANNED FOR UPLOAD: Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 in E flat Major Beethoven Sonata No.25 in G, Op.79 1st and 2nd Mov. Mozart Sonata K.280 3rd Mov. So please have a look around my music videos and blogs and subcribe to my YouTube channel “ClassicalMusicPiano”!
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Chopin Nocturne in B Major Op.32 No.1

Only started tackling this beautiful Nocturne just two days ago and this is how far I got, I have the other two pages hands together but not as good as the first two which are shown here. I have this piece choses for my Senior Certificate Piano Exam (Royal Irish Academy of Music, Ireland), which is basically a Grade 9 along with Beethoven Piano Sonata No.5 in C Minor, 1st Mov. which I will be uploading when I have it completed. Please enjoy my performance and comment! Also, please give me suggestions of other Chopin Nocturnes to play, similar to this standard.

Chopin Waltz in B Minor Op.69 No.2

Me playing Chopin Waltz from my ABRSM edition of Chopin Waltze’s! Haven’t played this one in a while so this was a quick but messy upload. Enjoy and please comment with suggestions for other waltz to play.

Summer time means more practising and learning new pieces!

It’s summer time now and it has only just begun. The weather here in Ireland (Dublin) has been horrible and cold for weeks and weeks, but it’s now July and the weather has certainly and finally picked up to a nice hot sunny summer for all of us to enjoy. As always with summer, I always have extra time to practice playing my piano as I don’t have school or homework/studying to worry about! I currently have a few pieces that I am going to learn over the next few weeks/months. Some are for my Grade 8 piano exam (Royal Irish Academy of Music) and some are just that I want to learn to play the pieces I like. And obviously the pieces or should I say, the style/period I like the most is Classical music. The pieces that I have planned are: Scarlatti Sonata in G Major, K.559 (Andante), Scarlatti Sonata in D Minor, K.1 (for my Grade 8 piano exam), which I will be doing sometime in the early 2012 year, Chopin Prelude No.15 in D flat Major “Raindrop” and Mozart Sonata K.280 3rd Mov. “Presto” (also for my Grade 8 piano exam). As I’m progressing more and more into the higher piano grades and the higher and difficult piano pieces, sight reading/ learning the music is getting a lot easier for me. I also am practising the usual scales and arpeggios/ cromatic scales for my piano exams and for my own use in helping me with the correct technique. I know, scales and arpeggios can be, and are boring but they just have to be done! Without them it would be difficult to play the piano.  Maybe after summer or even next year I will get more into playing Chopin because he is one of my favorite composers. I might even have a go at one of his Ballades or even a few of his preludes, plonaises or even a few nocturnes. I started playing the Raindrop Prelude a few days ago and now it’s one of my favorite Chopin pieces/ preludes. I got it from the book “50 greats for the Piano” which I got off my uncle (he is starting to play piano and got it free with his Yamaha Claviona Digital Piano). The book is brilliant and has pieces from the boroque period right up to classical and romantic periods. Pieces ranging from simple pieces like Bach Prelude in C Major to difficult, complex works like Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu! A brilliant book to have which has a few famous pieces in it and a lot to keep me practising. If anyone wants to buy this book for themselves, let me warn you that it’s not that easy to find in music stores or websites because it comes free with Yamaha Digital Pianos. You can buy the book online at Amazon at a dear enough price but it’s the worth the money becuase of the joys you will get out of playing the pieces.

I’m off to practice some more now so be sure to check back here and check my YouTube channel “ClassicalMusicPiano” for new video uploads and new piano blogs. Hope you all read this and leave any comments you may have in the comment box below.

Here is a brilliant video of Irish Concert pianist John O’Conor giving a masterclass on Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas:

Beethoven Bagatelle in B flat Major Op.119 No.11.

Here I play Beethoven’s Bagatelle in B flat Major on the piano. It’s No.11 from the Op.119 set (there are other sets: Op.33 and Op.126). I have the book of Beethoven’s “Complete Bgatelles” (G.Henle Verlag) so I might upload more when I get around to it! This is a beautiful Bagatelle which has a very lyrical quality to it. The trills in measures 12 and 16 were hard enough because I have to play the bottom note and play the trill with the top note at the same time, but I got through it in the end.
Here is the Beethoven playlist: http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=2859A0A3D8145D00

Take a look around my channel to find more classical music and music from Andrew Lloydd Webber’s “The Phantom of The Opera”. I am sure that you will find something that you will enjoy, and Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is on my channel to so check it out!
Please leave your comment and video responses, and I hope to upload more Beethoven soon!

Schumann Bunte Blatter Op.99 No.1 Grade 7 Piano

Me playing Schumann for my Grade 7 Piano exam with the Royal Irish Academy of Music.


Think of Me from The Phantom of The Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

This is a song from the very popular “Phantom of the Opera”! The key is the original (D flat Major) and it has a dark side to it, but it is a beautifully played piece on the piano. I learned this piece in a day and I think I did a pretty good job! This piece is from my piano book “The Phantom of the Opera” which has all of the pieces from the show including: Think of Me, Angel of Music, The Phantom of the Opera, Prima Donna, All I Ask of You, Masquerade, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and The Point of No Return. These are all great pieces so I will be uploading more as I go along. Please post your comment on my performance and also post video responses so I can see how you play! Thanks for listening!

Adele – Someone Like You (Piano Cover)

I just started this song today and wanted to see how it would sound like with just a few hours of practice. I usually play just classical piano music but I thought to myself, “Why not try something different”? Not bad, but it can be better. Might upload another video when I have time! A beautiful song this is and it’s just made for the piano. The beautiful arpeggiated semi quavers make this piece sound even more beautiful than it already is. Please comment and rate and I hope to add more videos soon!